Program for the Workshop

Day to Day Outlines

MONDAY JULY 1: You arrive at Soggiorno Mazzoleni. 6pm: Introduction, Orientation, Meal. 

TUESDAY JULY 2: Theme: PASTURIZATION: the conversion of nature into private acts, property, consumable liquids, and taste.//AND// Nature as model for data: does nature resist incursion on its privacy? 



THURSDAY JULY 4: Theme: PROCESS: writing taking the mechanization of nature a focus. What is the relationship between pastures and machines?



SATURDAY JULY 6: Theme: OBSERVATION: the attempt to convert nature into words via the senses; to construction of new taxonomies as a result //AND// Human as nature: capturing the feeling of being one with nature, or wanting, or rejecting oneness with nature. Did our attempt to see ourselves as both one with nature, and distinct from it, lead to all this badness?



MONDAY JULY 8: Theme: MAPPING: ways of transversing time. How can we use maps, lists, and guidelines to taxonomize nature in a way that does not lead to its destruction? How can we map more harmoniously? Must we map?



WEDNESDAY JULY 10: Theme: NEGATING NATURE: with silence, the indoors, valorization of death, the artificial. If mapping is a positive engagement with nature, then what is the opposite of mapping? What are the implications of resisting nature, and how can that be done? What are the aesthetic implications?



FRIDAY JULY 12: Theme: NATURE CAPITAL: asking how nature has been co-opted for the accumulation of capital. We study the local economies of the Taleggio Valley from the small grocery shops, the bars, the farms, and disappearing cheese industry. 


SATURDAY JULY 13: Open and Print Day: for the construction of any final projects. Space for furious rendering of work and notes taken.

SUNDAY JULY 14: 6pm: Exhibition/Reading/Celebration. 

MONDAY JULY 15: Leave the valley. 

Over two weeks we will read, work, write, create, and walk together.  
Individual projects are of course encouraged, just as much as collaboration on group, and otherwise multi-person, projects. 

In preparation for your time at NAHR Ecopoetry Workshop, we will ask that you read a list of texts that we will send you. We hope that the group's common grounding in some of ecopoetry's most important ideas will improve the quality of our discussions. 

We will also ask that you give extensive consideration to the kind of work that you would like to produce in the workshop. Different participants will be at different stages of their creative process. Some may be close to publishing a manuscript, others may be starting a new one, and others again may be exploring new modes to work in. All is welcome. 


At this stage, the outline for the workshop goes: 'one day on, one day off'. 'On' days will involve optional morning mindfulness practice, group discussions on the theme or focus for the day, and a possible excursion. 'Off' days will involve the optional morning mindfulness practice and free-space to explore your own work, group work, or the environment at your leisure. 

There will be the option to eat together, but only a few meals will be planned in advance. We want to encourage collegiality, but will not regiment it. 

Workshop address: Via Sotto Church, 135, 24010 Sottochiesa BG, Italy. 

©2019 by Simon Eales and Brent Cox

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